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Graham Peck's Family History

Like many others, I began researching my family history when I retired some years ago concentrating mainly on the PECK line. This took me to Ipswich, Suffolk, England birthplace of my father, Johnson Richmond PECK, known affectionately as Jack.

I discovered from the IGI that the greatest concentration of PECKs occurs in Suffolk. In the telephone directory for my home town in Surrey there are 4 PECKs listed but 70 odd in the Ipswich directory alone. I also learned that the given name Richmond occurs in a large number of members of my family, both male and female, and comes from the maiden name of my great grandmother, Emma RICHMOND. My research is now firmly stuck at Joseph and Anne PECK whose children were all baptised at Crowfield, near Ipswich, the first baptism in 1798.

If you think you have a connection with any of the names in these pages I should be delighted to hear from you.

A word of explanation - an individual without any details of birth, marriage, or death is automatically described as "Living" by the software programme I use. I have therefore entered "before 1900" or "after 1900" for those people I believe are no longer living.

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